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A Tribute To Warbirds WW2 Fighters Part 1

A Tribute To Warbirds WW2 Fighters Part 1 Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2015 Title A Tribute To Warbirds WW2 Fighters Part 1
Editor Thierry Lopeyre Publisher A Tribute To Warbirds
Published 2015 ISBN 978-2-9545518
Format 102 pages, hardbound MSRP (Euro) 35€


If you are a scale modeler that builds more than aircraft, you may be aware of the variety of titles from a variety of publishers in Spain that focus on the art and craft of armor and figure diorama modeling. Here is the first installment for a new series of such titles for aircraft modelers, and it is only fitting that this comes from a historic Spanish rival - France. 'A Tribute To Warbirds' is not only the title of the series, it is also the name of the publisher. While we've seen modeling diorama titles before, this one takes a different approach. Where most start with a model and builds up a diorama around it, this title shows you an artistic approach of developing the basis of a diorama and then working through the details and then the modeling.

Each edition takes on several different subjects starting from a historical scene (not the history, but the contextual basis for the diorama), and developing the characters to create an instant in time, developing the environment for the diorama, and of course finding and building the various models and figures to populate that scene. In this World War 2 Fighters Part 1, the four subjects include the P-40 in Burma, the G.50 in Malta, the F2A in Pensacola, and a captured Fw 190D-9 at the end of the war.

Future volumes will include the Curtiss Hawk in Finland, P-51B of the Yoxford Boys, the D.520 in French service, the Spitfire Mk.IX and Typhoon at Normandy, Bf 109F in Africa, and the A6M2 in Bougainville.

If you find your creative energies are not working for you lately, take a look at this title for inspiration. This author's approach of developing a diorama like a painting where you start from the macroscopic view down to the details tends to be the opposite of how many of us develop our dioramas and vignettes. Maybe it is time to reverse our perspective!

You can order this title directly from the publisher here.

My sincere thanks to A Tribute To Warbirds for this review sample!