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Messerschmitt Me 262

Messerschmitt Me 262 Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2010 Title Messerschmitt Me 262
Author Richard A Franks Publisher Valiant Wings Publishing
Published 2012 ISBN 978-0-9567198-0-5
Format 160 pages, softcover MSRP (BP) £17.95


There's a new publisher from the UK called Valiant Wings Publishing - Richard Franks and Mark Peacock have teamed up to create this new company. Anyone who has been in the hobby for any period of time and who has read some of the better hobby magazines ever published (from the UK of course) will recognize these two names.

Messerschmit Me 262 is the flagship in their Airframe & Miniature series that combines some excellent research with high quality graphics, good photography, and just enough information that is relevant to the scale modeler. There are an abundant number of historical titles on the subject, yet very few that get to the heart of the details needed by modelers to build a proper Schwalbe.

Take a look at their coverage:

  • Airframe Chapters
    • Evolution: The 'V' Series
    • Testing: The 'S' Series
    • Production: The 'A' Series
    • The B and C Series & Drawing Board Projects
    • Camouflage and Markings
  • Miniature Chapters
    • Building a Selection
    • Building a Collection
    • In Detail: The Me 262A/B plus the Avia S.92/CS.92
  • Bibliography
  • Kits

They walk you through the important aspects of the aircraft from a modeler's point of view before taking you through the kits and then those all-important details you'll want to capture or highlight in your own builds. In their 'Build a Selection' section, they review several key kits in each scale that are currently available. This is followed by an innovative 'Build a Collection' concept which goes through the various prototypes, production, and drawing board projects, highlight the details/changes needed to replicate each variant, then provide recommended kits in each scale to get your started.

While you might find much of this information in the volumes of titles out there on the Me 262, getting to the information you might need quickly and efficiently may be like the optimistic child in the famous tale who is digging through the pile of poo looking for the pony.

This title is well done and should be on your bench before you undertake your next Me 262 build. I look forward to seeing what is coming next from this team!

My sincere thanks to Valiant Wings Publishing for this review copy.