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ALC-9200 Airbrush

Alclad II ALC-9200 Airbrush First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look December 2012 Manufacturer Alclad II
Subject ALC-9200 Airbrush Pros Set up for use with Alclad II bottles
Cons Nothing noted MSRP (USD) $69.99


Alclad II is the finest metalizer available to the scale modeler on the planet. These are lacquers that suspend a very fine metalizer material in different shades to replicate a variety of metal tones on aircraft, cars, motorcycles, and many more subjects. While many modelers enjoy Alclad II with their favorite airbrushes, other modelers have either experienced mixed results or simply don't have an airbrush to apply these finishes. Alclad II to the rescue.


Tony Hipp, owner of Alclad II teamed up with Badger Airbrush to release two airbrushes tailored to the Alclad line. This is the ALC-9200 which is a variation of the Badger 200 bottom feed single-action airbrush set up to use the Alclad II bottles. Tony selected single-action airbrushes to provide a consistent mixture of air and Alclad between passes as well as between projects. Some modelers experienced 'banding' and other symptoms using double action airbrushes or using some of the less expensive or 'plastic/composite' airbrushes.

Don't worry about purchasing a 'one-trick-pony' with this tool. This is still a standard single action airbrush that will also work with acrylics, enamels and other lacquers as well. This set provides the airbrush, one bottle with the airbrush adaptor, two mixing bottles with normal lids, a paint cup, and an airhose to connect this airbrush to your air source.

According to the specs, the nozzle/needle combination in this airbrush is 0.5mm and can achieve spray patterns up to two inches in diameter.

We'll be putting this airbrush to work shortly and look for further comments in future build reviews here on Cybermodeler Online.

My sincere thanks to Alclad II for this review sample.