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Adhesive Back Hobby Film and Profiling Sticks Adhesive Back Hobby Film and Profiling Sticks First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look November 2009 Manufacturer
Subject Adhesive Back Hobby Film and Profiling Sticks Product Number 0204
Pros Versatile system for sanding/finishing Cons
MSRP (USD) $12.99


While I was touring the displays at iHobbyExpo 2009, I happened across a booth from a new company (to me, at least) that specializes in sanding and polishing products. The company is Alpha Precision Abrasives, Inc. from Ontario, Canada and they bring together a variety of products for a wide range of specialties, not the least of which is for the scale modeler. One range featured by Alpha Precision Abrasives was from line of hobbyist products.

Adhesive Back Hobby Film and Profiling SticksSticks

This interesting set is deceptively simple in appearance - five sheets of sandpaper and three clear rods, right? Not so fast... The five sheets are 3" x 8" in size and range in grit from course to very fine. Each sheet is self-adhesive, so cut a portion, remove the backing and apply it to one of the three clear rods.

The three rods included in the set are three different shapes - round, square, and triangular. Apply the portion of sandpaper to the shape you need and tackle your project. Wash the sandpaper and reuse. Depending on the project, you could apply multiple grits to different portions of the rod and work away the seam or step in your model.

Whether you're trying to work around wing roots, engine nacelles, or other confined areas, tools like this can make your work easier and cause less collateral damage on your model. This is a nice system that will definitely help you on many future projects.

You can contact Alpha Precision Abrasives on how to order a set for yourself. Stop by their website for more information.

My sincere thanks to Alpha Precision Abrasives for this review sample!