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Abrasive Cleaning Disc Abrasive Cleaning Disc First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look November 2009 Manufacturer
Subject Abrasive Cleaning Disc Product Number 0701
Pros Handy tool for cleaning files and expensive wet/dry sanding cloths/papers Cons
MSRP (USD) $4.99


While I was touring the displays at iHobbyExpo 2009, I happened across a booth from a new company (to me, at least) that specializes in sanding and polishing products. The company is Alpha Precision Abrasives, Inc. from Ontario, Canada and they bring together a variety of products for a wide range of specialties, not the least of which is for the scale modeler. One range featured by Alpha Precision Abrasives was from line of hobbyist products.

Abrasive Cleaning Disc

Here is one of those rather unique and innovative products - an abrasive cleaning disc. This is a 50mm diameter disc made of a dense rubber or similar composite material that is heavily textured. This tool will provide the texture for getting that fine residue out of your hobby files and expensive polishing and sanding papers. While the disc is semi-rigid and dense in composition, it won't harm the abrasive surface like a scouring pad.

I don't know about you, but even after a good session of wet/dry sanding and polishing, it is hard to avoid build-up of residue on my sanding sticks and files. With this handy pad, I can more easily clean my tools without degrading their abrasive surfaces in the process.

You can contact Alpha Precision Abrasives on how to order a set for yourself. Stop by their website for more information.

My sincere thanks to Alpha Precision Abrasives for this review sample!