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Funtec CS-P Carbide Scraper

Funtec CS-P Carbide Scraper Tool Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2018 Manufacturer Funtec
Subject Carbide Scraper Part Number CS-P
Pros Versatile tool Cons Not cheap
MSRP (USD) $26.95


Funtec produces a variety of high-end bits for precision modeling and crafting applications. This release is a triangular scraper bit made from tungsten carbide and approximately 1.6 inches (3cm) long with a shaft diameter of 2.34mm. This bit will fit in better pin vices as shown below.

Funtec Carbide Scraper

The sharp triangular edges are ideal for scraping/cleaning mold flash and other artifacts from smaller parts such as handwheels, litening holes in wheels/frames, etc. Because this bit does not have a knife edge, it will not cut into your part (unless pressure is applied) but it can shave away flash and mold lines with ease. The (very) sharp tip pushes through resin mold flash with ease, and I was able to gently scrape the flash off the resin parts without gouging the part I was cleaning. While I've used an X-Acto blade for this purpose in the past, I still managed to nick (damage) the part I was cleaning.

Funtec Carbide Scraper

The image above illustrates the ways to use this bit. All you need is a suitable pin vise to hold the bit and some delicate parts that need cleaning. While this bit and other carbide bits from Funtec are not cheap, they will last a long time.

I did see a few listings online that suggest that this bit can be used with a Dremel. While it will no doubt spin up just fine, the bit could damage your plastic or resin parts even at the lowest RPM setting. Stick to the pin vise for the best results.

You can find the Carbide Scraper (within the US) at HobbyZone USA here!

My thanks to HobbyZone USA for this review sample.