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Super Sanding Blocks

Goodman Models Super Sanding Blocks First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look January 2017 Manufacturer Goodman Models
Subject Super Sanding Blocks Part Number SSB-01
Pros Durable and consistent flat sanding surfaces Cons See text
MSRP (USD) $20.00

First Look

Goodman Models is a new (to me) company that has released this sanding block set. Where we usually see sanding blocks and sanding sticks produced with different grits of sandpaper laminated to foam or other flexible surface, this set takes a different approach. This set consists of six grits laminated to 3.5"x1.75" acrylic blocks which are rock-solid rigid. Each block is color-coded to indicate its grit as you can see below.

Super Sanding Blocks

You'll note that the coarsest grit is 80 and the finest is 600 as these are ideal for removing material and shaping your parts. When you use the flexible sanding sticks/blocks to remove a resin pour stub, reduce the thickness of a resin surface or smooth out a cyano or putty application, you usually have inconsistent thicknesses or rounded surfaces due to that flexible sanding surface. These blocks allow you to sand with a flat surface without having to resort to taping sandpaper to a hard, flat surface. Each block has grit laminated to both sides and can be cleaned with compressed air or a brush to remove dust build-up.

The instructions that are included warn against immersing these blocks in water, which is the only negative for me since I do most of my sanding under the faucet to keep dust out of the air and off my work.

These sanding blocks are available from CultTVman Hobbyshop or directly from Goodman Models' Facebook page at $20 + $10 worldwide shipping.

My sincere thanks to Goodman Models for this review sample!