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Green Stuff World Chameleon Paints

Green Stuff World Chameleon Paints First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2018 Manufacturer Green Stuff World
Subject Chameleon Paints Part Number Multiple
Pros Simple application Cons Nothing noted
MSRP (Euro) 4,15€


Green Stuff World produces an interesting array of 'Chameleon Colorshift Metal' paints. According to the manufacturer, these are acrylic-based paints with ultra-fine pigments, which provide an alternative to the lacquer-based prismatic paints on the market. Like the prismatics, these Chameleon paints are applied over a black primer coat and the final result will color-shift as you change your viewing angle. Among the effects offered in this series:

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Mystic Gold
  • Storm Surge Green
  • Toxic Purple
  • Tropical Green
  • Psychotic Illusions
  • Nebula Copper
  • Celestial Azure
  • Burning Gold
  • Martian Green
  • Red Goblin
  • Emerald Gateway

The two samples we received demonstrate the color-shift properties - Psychotic Illusions shifts from turquoise to purple, while Martian Green shifts from dark green to purple. The variety of colors can be used for a variety of projects from custom car finishes to fantasy and science fiction subjects. You're only limited by your imagination.

As I mentioned above, these paints are water-based acrylics, so no problems airbrushing around the family and they are non-toxic. Each bottle has an agitator ball inside to make mixing easy before airbrushing. These paints do not require thinning, just straight into the airbrush. Like other acrylics of this type, application is done in fine layers with a few minutes of air-dry time before adding another layer. You should have complete coverage within four-to-five coats.

The part that puzzles me is the logo on their website that these are vegan paints. Where's the beef?

My sincere thanks to Green Stuff World for this review sample!