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Green Stuff World Spider Serum

Green Stuff World Spider Serum First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2018 Manufacturer Green Stuff World
Subject Spider Serum Part Number -
Pros Simple diorama/vignette base tool Cons Nothing noted
MSRP (Euro) 4,45€


Here's an interesting special effect to add to your diorama or vignette arsenal - this is Spider Serum. This interesting chemical goes into your airbrush at low pressue and will spray spider webs wherever you're aiming. You can create interesting dioramas or vignettes using this stuff to create cobwebs or simulating spider webs on your project. You don't want to let this stuff dry in your airbrush, so you'll also want to buy the special cleaner that is available separately for 3,54€. I plan on giving this stuff a try on a upcoming special vignette project, but for now, it is hard enough to keep the real cobwebs off my bench between modeling sessions!

Whether you build figures, fantasy, or whatever, these products from Green Stuff World will allow you the flexibility to create displays with the look you design rather than be reliant upon whatever is pre-fabricated.

My sincere thanks to Green Stuff World for this review sample!