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HobbyZone Modular Workshop System OM08b Paper Towel Module

HobbyZone Modular Workshop System OM08b Paper Towel Module Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2018 Manufacturer HobbyZone
Subject OM08b Paper Towel Module Part Number OM08b
Pros Precision cut wood Cons Nothing noted
MSRP (USD) $14.95


We previously examined the OM08 Paper Towel Module from HobbyZone. While handy to keep paper towel rolls near, but off the bench surface, the OM08 was designed for European paper towel rolls. Well the OM08a is now redesignated as the OM08a and HobbyZone has released the OM08b Paper Towel Module. This new design puts the roll on its side and is held in place with a dowel inserted from top side. As with other modules in the Modular Workbench System, this module stays put using magnets, and this one has four to allow it to snap onto the end of your storage modules. It also has magnets on the top and bottom to work with the OM11 and/or OM12 modules to snap into place without interfering with the paper towel dowel.

HobbyZone Modular Workshop System OM08b Paper Towel ModuleHobbyZone Modular Workshop System OM08b Paper Towel Module

I used Gorilla non-foaming Wood Glue (white glue) to assemble the module and I followed the instructions with no problems. When all was together, I inserted a brand new roll of Bounty paper towels. In order to use this roll in the OM08a, I'd have to pull off quite a few sheets before it would fit inside that module. Here, it not only fits nicely, it could even be thicker and still work.

HobbyZone Modular Workshop System OM08b Paper Towel Module

At last, there is a paper towel module that will fit US rolls. This one is snapped to the end of my modules and my OM08a now has its door removed to become another OM14 Storage Hutch. Nothing goes to waste...

You can available modules at the HobbyZone website ( and on their eBay Store. Stay tuned as we build up other modules and see what we can do with them to organize the bench!

My thanks to for this review sample.