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Iwata Airbrush Cleaner w/360 Nozzle

Iwata Airbrush Cleaner w/360 Nozzle First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look October 2014 Manufacturer Iwata
Subject Airbrush Cleaner w/360 Nozzle Pros Handy spray bottle application with 'off' option
Cons Ignore the claims on the label MSRP (USD) $10.95

First Look

When I first heard about this latest release from Iwata-Media, I was curious. A 360 Nozzle? More on this in a moment. For those of us who frequently airbrush, we usually wrap up a spray session by cleaning the airbrush and then shooting one last bit of cleaner through it to test the reassembly and leave the airbrush ready for the next session. While I use a variety of cleaners and thinners, depending on the task and medium, that final shot through the airbrush is usually Iwata-Medea's Airbrush Cleaner. I keep a few squeeze bottles of the stuff near the bench.

Here is that same handy cleaner in a 16 ounce (473ml) spray bottle. The nozzle looks like any other cleaning bottle but it says 'Sprays In Every Direction' so I took the bottle outside for a quick test. For better or for worse, the nozzle behaves like any other cleaning bottle with a rotating nozzle (that's where the 360 comes in). You can rotate OFF-SPRAY-OFF-STREAM which is nice since selecting OFF will prevent accidents. Oh well, I had some serious practical jokes in mind had this bottle really shot in every direction. On the serious side, this spray bottle will be handy at clearing the airbrush between colors whether you stream or spray. If you have the standard squeeze bottles around, you can refill this bottle and keep working.

You can find the Iwata Airbrush Cleaner w/360 Nozzle at your favorite hobby shop and if not, they can special order it for you. In the meantime, you can read more about these and the other cool products from Iwata by visiting their website at

My sincere thanks to Iwata Media for this review sample!