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Iwata External Mac Valve

Iwata External Mac Valve First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look January 2011 Manufacturer Iwata
Subject External MAC Valve Pros Convenient way to manage airflow to your airbrush
Cons Nothing noted MSRP (USD) $29.95

First Look

Iwata External Mac Valve
Iwata External Mac Valve

Iwata sent over this interesting new enhancement that will work with any of their airbrushes. This is an airflow regulator valve that will allow you to reduce the maximum air pressure to your airbrush. Some of the top-end Iwata airbrushes have this Micro Air Controller (MAC) valve built into the airbrush (like my trusty HP-AH). This valve will allow you to retrofit your other Iwata airbrushes to have this same capability attached to the bottom of your airbrush.

This mac valve simply attaches in-line between your airhose and your airbrush. Before you start your painting session, you can set up the maximum air pressure you'll need on the regulator on your compressor or other air source. This valve simply allows you to dial down that maximum air pressure so you can temporarily alter your air/paint mixture in your airbrush.

Here is a shot of my Iwata Revolution CR with the valve attached and a quick-release adaptor attacted to the bottom of the mac valve.

This new valve not only fits my Iwata airbrushes, it also fits on any other manufacturer's airbrush that that uses the same hose connector (not Badger, Pasche, or Aztek).

Definitely recommended for the more demanding user!

My sincere thanks to Tom Grossman and Iwata Media for this review sample!