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Mission Models' Micro-Chisel First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look April 2006 Manufacturer Mission Models
Subject Micro-Chisel Item Number MM09
Pros Great little tool for removing raised details without harming the surrounding surface Cons
MSRP (USD) Out of Production


Mission Models has an interesting tool line that turns out specialized items for the modeler. The Micro-Chisel is definitely one of them!

This tool is about the size of an X-Acto knife and is solid steel. Near the tip is a foam grip that provides a very comfortable hold point for your fingers.

At the business end of this tool is a removable tip that is held in-place with an Allen screw. What comes with this tool is a VERY sharp 2mm chisel tip that appears like the end of a jeweler's flat-head screw driver - appear is the operative word here. This is definitely a sharp micro chisel.


I was curious what this micro-chisel could do and I just happened to have a job to try it on. I was working on the Accurate Miniatures' 1/48 Helldiver kit which is the Revell Pro-Modeler kit in a different box. If it is a Revell kit, you can count on Copyright data molded somewhere on the model and on this kit, it was molded as raised letters on one of the horizontal stabilizer halves. I carefully tried out the chisel and found that the tip easily cut away the raised details without harming the surface of the styrene. Nice! All that remains to do is buff the surface smooth.

I can see where this will be handy removing poorly molded bolt heads and rivets on armor and aircraft without risking the removal of details that you want to retain. If you're a modeler that likes to have the proper tool for the right job, you'll wonder how you lived without this one!

Mission Models also has separate replacement tip sets for the Micro-Chisel that add additional versatility. One set contains replacement 2mm tips for the Micro-Chisel, and the set in the photo above is MM10 that contains 1mm chisel tips of various shapes. The set also includes an Allen wrench and spare set screw in case you wear out the one in the tool.

After using the tool, I was sold. I ordered another so I can have two different tips online at any given time. Mission Models has a hit with this one!

My sincere thanks to Mission Models for this review sample!