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3D Riveter Tool

UMM-USA Combo Saw First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look October 2008 Manufacturer UMM-USA
Subject Combo Saw Product Number JLC02
Pros Must-have tool for making fine cuts on panel lines and control surfaces Cons
MSRP (USD) $12.99

First Look

If you've progressed into more advanced modeling, you will tend to take your projects to places that the basic kit was not designed for. Take for example Revell's magnificent 1/72 Type VIIC U-Boat kit. Most folks will be happy to build that huge model straight out of the box, but if you're an AMS modeler (like me) then you've also acquired the beautiful resin compartments produced by CMK to recreate portions of the boat's interior, like this set to replicate the command section. Look at the parts image and you'll see something that looks like a razor blade sitting there. That is an essential tool that you'll need to cut out the hull section on the starboard side to allow viewing of your completed compartment. If you use a 'normal' saw blade, you're likely to miss the panel lines required or even damage the hull surface.

Kudos to CMK for including this (literally) razor saw blade in their conversion kits, and while you could use it bare-handed, I wouldn't recommend it. Here is a handle for that blade, or if you haven't even thought about building a U-Boat, but you are going to drop the flaps on your next aircraft project, or perhaps open up a gun bay over the wing, you're going to need a precision cutting tool.

3D Riveter Tool

This Combo Saw from UMM-USA includes the handle and two cutting blades, each blade has cutting surfaces on both long edges (just like a classic razor blade) and this handle will keep your fingers safely away from those sharp edges while giving you a precision cut.

Definitely recommended for your bench!

My sincere thanks to UMM-USA for this review sample!