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Micro Mitre Box

UMM-USA Micro Mitre Box First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of First Look May 2013 Manufacturer UMM-USA
Subject Micro Mitre Box Product Number MN034
Pros Invaluable item for sharp, precise cuts in tubing and rodding as well as heavy strip Cons Few noted
MSRP (USD) $20.05

First Look

I have learned at shows that when the UMM-USA folks show up they usually have something neat to show in their selection of tools and modeling aids. Sure enough, at AMPS 2013 they had several new items.

This little gem is one of the best new items I have seen in some time, but the reason why requires a bit of explanation.

Anyone who does any sort of upgrading of older kits, improving details, or scratchbuilding usually has items like a Northwest Short Line "Chopper" of some sort or one of the cheap knockoffs of that invaluable item. But other than thin strip, once you start moving into heavy strip or solid rodding the razor blade cannot cut smoothly and tends to shove its way through the plastic, creating a slanted cut. This makes the part either unusable or requires a "True Sander" type tool to fix the angled ends. Tubing tends to be crushed if thinwall and suffer the same "baloney slicing" effect if thickwalled.

There are items like the trusty KandS tubing cutter but that is difficult to use with small diameter tubing or rodding and is also difficult to get a good idea of where it is cutting once the material is placed in the vise jaws and they are tightened.

Conventional mitre boxes can be used, but are difficult to use with very think stock and unless offset to allow the saw to go past the bottom of the box creates a raggedy cut.

Enter the Micro Mitre Box which is designed to work with the UMM-USA Razor Saw using .005" blades or other similar thickness microsaws. The tool is 90mm long and has a gate in it 5.5mm wide for material, as well as a stop that can be adjusted at one end for either angled or vertical stops for the material. Depth to the mitre section is about 50mm.

There are three slits in the box – 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 30/60 degrees, so you have the option of which one to use to cut your material. As noted it will only accept the micro saw blades or a think razor blade in the slots.

For me this is a Godsend as it makes my life much easier now when cutting tubing and rodding to a specific length.

Overall this is a tool that anyone who likes to fix up older kits or improve parts on existing kits, as well as the hardcore scratchbuilder, will find an asset on his workbench.

UMM may be reached at