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Scribing Tool

UMM-USA Scribing Tool First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of First Look August 2009 Manufacturer UMM-USA
Subject Scribing Tool Product Number SCR01
Pros High-hardness steel tool has multiple uses for scribing or seam cleanup Cons Sharp blades on each end require careful handling
MSRP (USD) $12.00

First Look

I really enjoy shows like the IPMS National Convention as many smaller manufacturers get a chance to come out and display their wares, and one of my favorites at that show has been Unique Master Modelers (UMM for short). Last year I picked up a riveting tool and some excellent razor-blade sized razor saws, and this year they had this nice new tool for sale.

The tool itself looks something like an old-fashioned beer can opener about four inches long. It has a sharp hooked barb on one end and a blade about an inch and a half long with a recurved tip on it at the other. According to the UMM reps at the show it is made from high hardness steel with a Brinell rating of 55 so will hold its sharpness for a good long time.

The directions show that it has three different scribing modes which can be used – barbed end, blade end or blade edge, and also can be used to carve, deburr (e.g. remove sprue teats), scrape or pierce. Several “victim” kits were available there for practice and from a quick look at the aircraft kits raised seams could easily be stripped off and scribed ones replace them.

Overall this little puppy looks to provide a nice tool which is handier than a knife in tight situations and more durable than the dental-tool type scribers due to its high hardness and lack of delicate points that tend to bend or dull.

UMM may be reached at