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Advanced Aviation Modeling w/Resin, PE and Vac Canopies

Advanced Aviation Modeling w/Resin, PE and Vac Canopies First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2008 Title Advanced Aviation Modeling w/Resin, PE and Vac Canopies
Publisher Master Class Model Building Videos Published 2008
Format DVD, two discs MSRP (USD) $49.95

First Look

Master Class Model Building Videos has released Part 2 of their Aircraft Series. Part 1 was an end-to-end instruction for building the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109G-6 (reviewed here), and while you may not be interested in the subject itself, the techniques demonstrated in that video apply to other aircraft types as well.

In this new release, master model builder Floyd S. Werner Jr. once again demonstrates his modeling prowess, but this time he addresses the tools and techniques for working with common aftermarket detail products such as photo-etched details, resin details and conversions, and vacuformed canopies.

This is an instructional video that spends just a little extra time to show you step-by-step how to do different aspects of model detailing from simple photo-etched seatbelts to in-depth resin and photo-etched cockpits and airframe conversions. The topics covered in this title include:

Advanced Aviation Modeling w/Resin, PE and Vac Canopies

  • PE Seatbelts
  • PE Tools and Basics (Bending and Gluing)
  • Annealing
  • Rolling PE
  • Complex Bending and Fitting (Bf 109G Canopy)
  • Vacuform Canopy Tools and Basics
  • Cutting Vacuform Canopies (F4U-1A Corsair)
  • Cutting Injected Canopies (F4U-1A Corsair)
  • Attaching Vacuform Canopies (AH-1G Cobra)
  • Resin Tools and Basics (F-100)
  • Airframe Modifications (AH-1G)
  • Chain - Drilling
  • Using Epoxy Putty
  • Fixing Pinholes
  • Putting It All Together (F4U-1A Corsair)
  • Resin Wheels
  • Basic Scratchbuilding
  • PE Instrument Panel
  • Making It All Fit (Modifying Resin and Kit Parts)

No matter how much experience you might have in your modeling skills, one of the realities of modeling is that it is usually a hobby done alone. As a result, you don't always get to see different (and sometimes better) ways of accomplishing a given task, and there are always aspects of modeling that are less enjoyable/more challenging than others. Certain tasks like working with complex photo-etch assemblies might seem intimidating and put you off a project. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos like this one can teach you the skills to get you the techniques and experience needed to make you more proficient and versatile in your skills. Floyd makes these tasks seem easy, but he takes the time and provides you with the visual techniques and talks you through the do's and don'ts of each of these advanced modeling techniques.

I definitely recommend this video to all aircraft modelers. I would also strongly recommend that IPMS chapters buy a copy for their club library to help educate new aircraft modelers.

My sincere thanks to Master Class Model Building Videos for this review sample! This video is definitely recommended!