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The Pigments

The Pigments Video Reference Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2013 Title The Pigments
Publisher MIG Productions Published 2013
Format DVD MSRP (USD) $31.95

First Look

This is volume one in the ever growing series from Night Vision Creations.

The MIG Pigments have revolutionized modeling during the last few years. This first volume focuses on all of the Pigment techniques.

Thousands of modelers throughout the world now use pigments. How to make rust, dust, mud, ashes, smoke, fading and more is just part of this DVD. How to use the popular Fixer and Thinner is also explained. Throughout almost 60 minutes of footage you will discover all of the secrets of Pigments along with each tip and technique through incredible detail under the best image quality.

Also included is a tip book that shows you even more tips and techniques!

The DVD is broken into chapters that will allow you to stop and start as needed.

If you are into the modern weathering techniques, this video is a must have!

Highly Recommended!

My sincere thanks to MIG Productions for this review sample!