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Kit Top Gun

Model Kit Top Gun

Best of the Best Kits

Top Gun Kit Rosters

You've read reviews where some kit is the best kit of a given subject in that scale or perhaps any scale. Where is this scoreboard kept? With many new kit releases, the scoreboard changes. How do you keep up with these 'best-of-the-best' kits? In this section, we'll be keeping track of aircraft, armor, naval, space and science fiction subjects identifying which kits are the best available for each of the popular scales as well as the current 'best kit of any given subject in any scale'.

This is where I need your help - we don't get the opportunity to review every kit on the market, so you can nominate your own favorite kit as best kit for any given subject and scale and whether you also believe it to be the best kit of that subject in any scale. We'll keep the tables updated so you can have a quick online reference the next time you want to build a project and don't know which one to select. Drop me a line at and send me your nominations. Vote, and vote often!


  1. Votes for the best kit in any scale for a given subject is highlighted in light blue
  2. Company names maroon in color are links to first-look articles of that subject/scale
  3. These lists are not yet comprehensive. We'll be adding new subjects to each of the categories almost daily as we tally your votes for best kits
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