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OV-10D Interior Detail Set

Eduard 1/32 OV-10D Interior Detail Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2015 Manufacturer Eduard
Subject OV-10D Interior Detail Set Scale 1/32
Kit Number 32830 Media Photo-Etch
Pros Adds nice details to the Kitty Hawk kit Cons Color accuracy
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $27.00

First Look

As you know, Eduard produces a wide range of aftermarket detail sets for aircraft, armor, and ship kits. When a new and noteworthy kit is released, Eduard will usually follow within a few months with one or more detail sets to enhance that kit. When Kitty Hawk released its 1/32 OV-10D Bronco kit, Eduard soon followed with four nice enhancement sets. These are:

Let's take a closer look at the interior detail set, and you can click on the links above to view the other sets for this kit.

OV-10D Interior Detail Set

In this release, Eduard has focused on the cockpit of the OV-10D kit with two frets of photo-etched detail parts. As you can see in the image above, one features color-printed details and the other is an unpainted fret of details. The color-printed fret also has a self-adhesive backing so parts can literally be stuck directly on their locations in the cockpit, and those parts like the instrument panels that consist of multiple layers, these can literally be stacked on one another without worrying about glue oozing out of inopportune locations.

The one problem is the use of a light blue background color on the side consoles instead of something that matches the FS 36321 cockpit gray. This isn't a big problem as we show you how to fix this here.

This set provides beautiful replacement instrument panels that also have the tape-type engine instruments found on the later OV-10Ds (the same panel layout as the Kitty Hawk kit) as well as new side consoles. This set provides new rudder pedals for the front cockpit and foot rests for the rear cockpit. This set is also usng a newer technique for replicating the switches on the consoles and instrument panels to avoid the two-dimensional appearance.

This set also provides detail enhancements for the ejection seats except for the crew restraints (these are addressed in set 32831) and latching details for the insides of the cockpit entry panels.

This is another nice enhancement that will be easy to install in the Kitty Hawk kit and help add additional fidelity to that nice kit. Using this set with the other releases from Eduard will raise the level of detail in this kit to a higher level. I've been waiting tackle the Kitty Hawk kit but I didn't want to start without these sets!

My sincere thanks to Eduard for this review sample!