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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Moebius Models 1/25 1965 Plymouth Satellite Kit First Look

By Greg Morgan, Front Range Auto Modelers (FRAM)

Date of Review November 2015 Manufacturer Moebius Models
Subject 1965 Plymouth Satellite Scale 1/25
Kit Number 1215 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nice details and options Cons Nothing Noted
Skill Level Moderate Experience MSRP (USD) $32.49

First Look

1965 Plymouth Satellite
1965 Plymouth Satellite
1965 Plymouth Satellite
1965 Plymouth Satellite

The year was 1965 and the term 'muscle car' was a relatively new one, but the concept of getting a car that looked great and went fast, was well-known to many automotive enthusiasts.  Plymouth offered a number of different makes and models that year, but one of particular note was the Satellite, the top model of their Belvedere line.  Plymouth's sales brochure for that year stated the Satellite was 'a new way to swing without going out on a limb' and that 'pride, prestige, performance and pleasure have seldom come wrapped in such a handsome package at a more attractive price'.

In 1965, for around $3000, one could purchase the Plymouth Satellite and even get the 426 Commando engine, which was rated at well over 300 horse power and provided monster torque.  Less than a 1000 Satellites were optioned with the 426 Commando engine and magazines of the era showed them easily breaking into the 13-second ¼ mile range, under the right conditions.  The 1965 full-size Plymouth with a 426 turned out to be a full-size 'beast' full of performance, all while having great looks with superb eye appeal.

While eye appeal is also important in a model car kit, being buildable, having great detail and being accurate to scale is critical.  My overall impression is great, from the start, of this 1st time release of the 100+ piece 1965 Plymouth Satellite kit from Moebius.  The standard size box has a cover lid with an artist's rendition that captures the look of that era, along with an amazing representation of the kit.  The long sides of the box lid have pictures of an actual, extremely well-built, kit.  Internal components were bagged, some separately, to prevent tire damage to anything and to protect the chrome and clear plastic pieces. 

The instructions inside are very well done, very detailed and provide an immense amount of insight, perspective, and building information.  Only minor observation would be one of adding an additional 'important - read this first step' instructing one to thoroughly pre-wash all parts with soap and water to remove any molding release agents and then to thoroughly dry before painting.  Overall, the instructions are very comprehensive/thorough, have great photos/pictures and contain information about the real automobile that allow the average builder to get the job done 'right' the first time.

Speaking of continuing to get the job done right, everything is included to build a very accurate 24-piece 1/25 scale 426 Commando engine.  All the engine pieces have tremendous detail, allowing for an accurate look and even enough detail for one to use paints to further enhance the look and realism of the engine.  It has separate engine halves with the automatic transmission attached to them, but a separate oil pan, heads, valve covers, water pump and intake.  Of note, the separate one-piece highly detailed transmission pan and the oil pan preclude one from sanding too many engine half seam lines, as they will cover up a majority of the bottom of the engine and transmission.  Various engine components have different mold textures, bolt head patterns, etc., that add to the overall realism of the 1/25 scale engine.

From the engine, one moves on to the engine bay, chassis, suspension and exhaust components.  Separate inner fenders, firewall, core support, a particularly detailed radiator and a myriad of other intricately detailed engine bay components, to include horns, steering box, etc., really accentuate the engine.  For the chassis and suspension, a four-piece exhaust system, with ridge detailing on the mufflers, sets everything off nicely and complements the front and rear frame and suspension components.  Of particular note, the nicely detailed brake back plates, well-defined bolt head patterns and even differences in the texture of surface detail on some of the various chassis components is much appreciated.  Overall, great detail/realism that should easily allow the average modeler to build what will make for an amazing under carriage.

Moving from the engine and under carriage into the interior of the kit, there is again amazing detail, throughout!  In particular, detail on the two-piece bucket seats, separate interior inner side door panels and especially the dashboard fascia.  Window cranks, door handles, arm rests, etc, all captured with great detail and accuracy.  Even the little details such as the nicely textured gas and brake petals point to the above-and-beyond attention-to-detail, as most will never even see these parts after the model is built.  Additional photos in the instructions will enable the average builder to put together a very nice interior.

As we near the end of our review journey, it is time to take a careful look at the most prominent aspect of this model kit, the body of the Moebius '65 Plymouth Satellite.  I couldn't find a seam line anywhere on the body.  If there are any, I am sure they will be easily made to disappear with some only minor sanding.  Body is not flimsy and has remarkable script detail on all the badges.  In addition to the very nice body scripts, badging decals are provided to allow for accentuation of or replacement of the scripts on the body. 

Of special note, two-piece headlight assemblies, separate chrome door handles, separate chrome windshield wipers and very detailed clear pieces (vent side windows, back-up lamps, taillights, etc) are great accouterments to the body.  Of minor note, for the MSRP, Moebius may also wish to include some bare metal foil with the kit, so it can be built 'as shown' on the box art.  Additionally the panel lines for the side doors and trunk seem a little shallow and one may wish to scribe them deeper if they are going to use primer, paint and clear coat, to possibly avoid losing line detail.  Whitewall tires are not name brand but very nice, with an incredible tread pattern.  The decals and chrome plating were of high quality and also well done.  Overall the body has great detail and very realistically captures the 1965 Plymouth Satellite in 1/25 scale detail.

Overall, the 1/25 scale modeling world has many reasons to be excited about the Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite kit and every reason to go out and purchase at least two.  One to build and one to collect!  Great box art, amazing instructions, phenomenal decals, overall stupendous detail and craftsmanship, and the list goes on and on!  In my opinion, Moebius has done an overall exceptional job at producing a 1/25 scale model car kit that captures the Plymouth's sales brochure description of pride, prestige and pleasure relating to a 'handsome package'.

For a look at this model build-up, look here.

Thanks go to Moebius Models for the review sample.