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Modelers' Guide to the Hercules Part 1

Modelers' Guide to the Hercules Part 1 eBook Review

by Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2015 Title Modelers' Guide to the Hercules Part 1
Author Jay Sherlock Publisher Aero Research
ISBN N/A Published 2015
Format 144 pages, electronic (PDF) MSRP (USD) $11.95


Aero Research has released the fifth title in their Modelers' Guide series, this time looking at the venerable Lockheed C-130 Hercules. In this Part 1, the title examines the early Hercs from the initial Roman-nosed YC-130 to the a number of variants based upon the C-130E. The detail differences between a baseline model like the C-130E and the various versions and subversions derived it, are all covered from a modeler's point of view to capture those essential details in your next Hercules project.

Like the first title on the A-1 Skyraider, Jay Sherlock has taken this into a better direction for the modeler. First, all the pages are in color. Second, he is focused on the model more than the history and operation of the aircraft. In the two examples below, each of the airframe, antenna, and other visible differences are identified and then followed up with a listing of those details which were added or removed over time.

To give you an idea about how thorough the coverage of this title is for the modeler, look at the list of subjects and each one has the diagram, list of kits available in each scale, and the differences/details to be observed:

  • Kit Reviews
  • Aircraft Models - Changes and Options
  • C-130 Code Names
  • Hercules Variants:
    • YC-130
    • C-130A
    • C-130A-II
    • AC-130A
    • DC-130A
    • JC-130A
    • RC-130A
    • TC-130A
    • WC-130A
    • C-130B
    • C-130B-II
    • HC-130B
    • JC-130B
    • KC-130B
    • NC-130B
    • VC-130B
    • WC-130B
    • C-130D
    • C-130E
    • C-130E-I
    • C-130E-II
    • C-130E Pacer Coin
    • C-130E Senior Scout
    • AC-130E
    • DC-130E
    • EC-130E ABCCC
    • EC-130E Comfy Levi
    • EC-130E Rivet Rider
    • EC-130E USCG
  • Appendices
    • Serial Number List
    • Operating Units
    • Museum and Display Aircraft
    • References

The title is illustrated with photos and scrap drawings showing the appearance and details of each of the covered subjects. It will be interesting to see how far the next installment will get in its coverage given the number of special mission aircraft that followed based upon the C-130H and a few C-130Es not in this list, not counting the C-130J family, the US Navy/Marine Corps Hercs, the RAF Hercs, etc.

If you're interested in the details behind many of these USAF variants as well as those coming in Part 2, I'd also recommend getting a copy of The History of Big Safari which provides nice coverage of the history and modifications to a variety of aircraft including the C-130 and C-135 for various missions.

If you've got aspirations to build a C-130 that isn't a vanilla airlifter, this title and its follow-on part(s) will give you a step-by-step guide to help you achieve an accurate representation of that one version of this widely adaptable 60-year-old aircraft.

You can purchase this title or any of their photo CDs directly from their website or via email

My sincere thanks to Aero Research for this review sample!