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Announced Armor/AFV Kit Release Schedule Sorted By Manufacturer

Last updated 15 Aug 22. If you have any news or corrections, please contact Michael Benolkin. The 'New or Updated' column shows what's been added or changed since the last update.

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Academy Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 35 13539 Aug-22
Academy Panzer IV Ausf.Late H/J 35 13528 Sep-22
AFV Club Centurion MK.5 AVRE 35 35395 Sep-22
Amusing AMX-50B French Heavy Tank 35 35A049 Sep-22
Das Werk Sd.Kfz.250/1 Ausf.B 35 35209 Oct-22
DML 8.8cm Flak 37 Behelfslafette w/Aluminum Barrel 35 6523F Sep-22
DML AAV7A1 RAM/RS w/Interior 72 7619 Aug-22
DML Panther Ausf.F Sd.Kfz.171  35 6403MT Aug-22
DML Panzer IV Ausf.D DAK 35 6976MT Aug-22
DML Panzer IV Ausf.G LAH Division 35 6363MT Sep-22
DML Sherman Firefly Mk.1c Hybrid 35 6228MT Sep-22
DML Sherman Firefly Mk.1c Welded Hull 35 6568MT Sep-22
DML Tiger I Ausf.E early 'TiKi Das Reich Div' 35 6885MT Sep-22
DML Tiger I Ausf.E early Whittmann's Command Tank 35 6730MT Sep-22
DML Tiger I Ausf.E s.Pz.Abt.501 Tunisian Initial 35 6608MT Aug-22
DML Tiger I Ausf.E s.Pz.Abt.504 Tunisia 35 6820MT Aug-22
Hasegawa Tiger I and Panther G 'Heer MTB Combo' 72 30067 Sep-22
HobbyBoss 2S19-M2 Self-Propelled Howitzer 72 82928 Sep-22
HobbyBoss Iguana PSB-2-28(m) 35 84569 Sep-22
HobbyBoss LKW 7t nuk gl 35 85522 Sep-22
HobbyBoss Type 59-2 PLA Medium Tank 35 84540 Aug-22
ICM APA-50M Airfield Power Unit 72 72815 Oct-22 Updated
ICM G7107 US Cargo Truck 35 35598 Aug-22
ICM Laffly (f) Typ 15T 35 35573 Oct-22 New
ICM Unimog S404 35 35135 Oct-22 Updated
ILoveKit C-RAM w/HEMTT A3 Truck 35 63526 Sep-22
ILoveKit M1001 Tractor w/M790 Launcher and Pershing II 35 63527 Sep-22
Meng T-72B3M w/KMT-8 Mine Clearing System 35 TS-053 Sep-22
Roden Ford V8-G81A Funkwagen 35 35818 Sep-22
Takom 1/4 ton 4x4 G503 MB Utility Truck 16 1016 Aug-22
Takom Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen I Sd.Kfz.265 16 1017 Sep-22
Takom Panzerjager IB Mit 7,5cm StuK 40 L48 16 1018 Aug-22
Trumpeter M983 Tractor w/AN/TPY-2 X-band Radar 72 7177 Sep-22
Trumpeter MAZ-537G w/MAZ/ChMZAP 5247G Trailer 35 7194 Aug-22
Trumpeter Patriot Abschussrampe Auf 15t mil gl Br A1 35 1088 Sep-22
Trumpeter T-72 Ural Object 172 35 9601 Aug-22
Trumpeter T-72B1 w/KTM-6 and Grating Armor 35 9609 Aug-22


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