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Announced Armor/AFV Kit Release Schedule Sorted By Scale

Last updated 01 Jul 24. If you have any news or corrections, please contact Michael Benolkin. The 'New or Updated' column shows what's been added or changed since the last update.

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Trumpeter Panzer III Ausf.J 16 0955 Jul-24
Trumpeter Panzer VI Ausf.E Tiger I 16 0944 Aug-24
Freedom R75 Solo German Motorcycle 16 16006 Jul-24
DML 4x2 3t Cargo Truck w/2cm Flak 35 35 6828SP Jul-24 New
HobbyBoss Bergepanzer BPz2A2 Buffalo ARV 35 84568 Jul-24
Revell BM-13-16 on WOT.8 35 3338 Sep-24
Revell Jaguar 1 Jagdpanzer 35 3353 Jul-24
AFV Club M113A1 LRV 1980 Transitional 35 35313 Jul-24
IloveKit M3 Lee Medium Tank 35 63521 Jul-24
Academy Panzer I Ausf.B and KS750 Sidecar 35 13556 Jul-24
ICM Sankas Ambulance Trucks 35 3523 Aug-24
Italeri Sd.Kfz.234/3 35 6756 Sep-24
DML Sd.Kfz.250 Ausf.A 35 6426MT Jul-24
DML Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier Halftrack w/3.7cm Flak 37 35 6788SP Jul-24 New
Italeri StuG.!V 35 0223 Jul-24
HobbyBoss T29E3 Heavy Tank 35 84511 Aug-24
Italeri T-34/76 model 1943 early 35 6570 Jul-24
Fine Molds Tank Destroyer Type 3 Ho-Ni III 35 MR02 Oct-24
Fine Molds Type 95 Ha-Go 35 MR01 Sep-24
HobbyBoss Panzer IV Ausf.H 48 84841 Aug-24
Italeri Armato/Semovente 56 25768 Sep-24
Italeri B1 bis 56 25766 Sep-24
Trumpeter M706 Commando Armored Car 72 7440 Jul-24
HobbyBoss Panzerjagerwagen Vol.2 72 82955 Jul-24


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