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Announced Real Space, Sci Fi, and Figure Kit Release Schedule Sorted By Scale

Last updated 26 Jul 21. If you have any news or corrections, please contact Michael Benolkin. The 'New or Updated' column shows what's been added or changed since the last update.

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Hasegawa Grosser Hund 20 64005 Sep-21
Hasegawa Mechatro Wego Evangelion Collaboration 20 SP479 Aug-21
Hasegawa V44 Type Mk.44 Ammoknights 20 64007 Sep-21
AMT Batmobile (Batman Forever) 25 1240 3Q21
AMT USS Enterprise Bridge 32 1270 3Q21
MPC Hawk Space:1999 48 0947 3Q21
Hasegawa VF-19A 'Macross VF-X2' 48 65873 Aug-21
MPC X-Wing (snap) 63 948 Aug-21
Hasegawa Fighter 1 'Crusher Joe' 72 CW15 Aug-21
MPC Millennium Falcon (Star Wars IV) 72 TBA Nov-21
MPC Razor Crest (Mandalorian) 72 TBA Dec-21
Revell Razor Crest (Mandalorian) 72 TBA 4Q21
Hasegawa VF-1S/A Strike/Super Gerwalk Valkyrie 72 65726 Sep-21
MPC Slave 1 Starfighter Star Wars/Mandalorian 85 0951 Oct-21
MPC AT-AT (Star Wars) 100 TBA Sep-21
MPC B-Wing (snap) 144 949 Aug-21
Hasegawa Space Shuttle Orbiter and Boeing 747 Farewell 200 10844 Aug-21
Polar Lights USS Grissom NCC-638 350 0991 4Q21
Polar Lights USS Voyager 1000 0980 3Q21
Moebius 2001 Aries 1B TBA 2001-7 4Q21
MPC TIE Fighter (Darth Vader) TBA TBA Nov-21


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